We only made 300

and we don't know what tomorrow may bring.

It would seem that now is the ideal time to take action.


Only three hundred of each unique colorway will ever be available. Owning just one of these wallets will ensure that you are one in a million. Not only is this wallet a stylish accessory, but it also may be considered an investment piece. After all, there will be very few wallets just like yours.

Afraid you'll miss out on your chance to be one in a million?

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Born in Italy

Made in the USA


The process begins by carefully selecting the finest Italian leathers to undergo a traditional, generationally proven tanning method, holding true to the wallets authenticity. When divulging your authentic Paolo wallet, the subtle and elegant texture of the leather truly captures the essence of Italian beauty.

After the materials birth in Italy, we begin the manufacturing process right here in the big Apple, cherishing the idea of the American dream. These true leathers are then masterfully handcrafted into a wallet that we take pride in delivering directly to your hands.


Everything you need

Minus the Bulk

We removed the bulky cash pocket that you know all too well. The internal money clip will hold more than enough cash (which we know you’ll need). The six card slots will allow you to carry your Amex Black Card without compromising sleekness. What more could you need? Definitely not the year-old receipts that you keep in your current wallet.

Stuff it full… but don't expect to feel anything in your back pocket…

Slim, Sleek, Refined

What you wear says a lot about you. Your body is your canvas. Each garment is a brushstroke. Every garment matters. Every brushstroke must be exquisite. The wallet you choose to carry is a crucial brushstroke on the canvas that is you.

Think of how you want to present yourself, and complete your look with a wallet that is slim, sleek, classy, and refined.


Preorder The Wallet That Encapsulates Your Dreams


You can be one of the first to own a Paolo Culaccino product. Remember… only 300 will be made.

From one traveler to another, consider this wallet a celebration of your success and let it remind you why you continue your journey.

By pre-ordering this product, your payment will not be extracted from your account until the your wallet has been completed.


Future Products

For Those Who Prefer The Road Less Traveled

Every Paolo product is made so that you can be one in a million. Each product acts as a reminder of who you are and what you represent. Each product is intended to follow you on your journey through life. Paolo product will remind you to stay the course, whatever that course may be.

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